Handmade Chocolates – A Must for Every Chocolate Connoisseur

Fresh chocolates, they’re utterly gorgeous, and completely different from anything you can buy in the high–street shops. Packing all the chocolates by hand, so each tin has a quality that’s special and personal, is a work of art.

Making Quality Chocolate is Possible for Everyone

Work with principles ­- in practical terms this means trying to make a quality product, without ripping anyone off or dumping on the planet. Use only high-quality products, bio if possible. Purchase products with eco-friendly packages.

Finally, when the chocolates are ready, must be consumed while they are fresh. They're best eaten within 2 weeks, so don't spend too long admiring the way they look.

Chocolates Made for Every Occasion

Chocolate is not only a delicious treat, but also a mood booster that can stimulate the brain and release endorphins, the hormones that make us feel happy and relaxed. Having fun with hobbies is also essential for our well-being, as it can reduce stress, improve social skills, and enhance creativity.

One way to have fun is to play games with friends or family, such as house parties with playing cards, online bingo or table games. These social games, especially bingo, can create a fun and lively atmosphere where people can interact, laugh, and bond with each other.

Therefore, chocolate and having fun are connected by their positive effects on our physical and mental health. They can both make us feel good, energized, and satisfied. They can also complement each other, as eating chocolate while playing games can enhance the enjoyment and excitement of both activities.

Bespoke chocolates for your special day

Bespoke chocolates

Bespoke chocolates can really spice things up on your special day. They can be made for weddings and parties, but also for those who have deeply hedonistic tendencies, or are prone to wildly romantic gestures.

Presentation of chocolates


Chocolates are best presented wrapped in special paper or box, like little treasures. Of course, it depends on the occasion how you would like to offer them. But take time to give the best look.

Preservation Tips and Allergens

Fresh Chocolates

No preservatives, eat them within 14 days to experience them at their very best.


16°C is theoretically perfect! … anywhere coolish will do (but not as cool as a fridge, as this might dry them out).


This means that the chocolates aren't identical, and one batch may vary slightly from the next... although trying to make every one of them gorgeous.


Always fair trade if available and viable. After that, if sourcing can be done locally is usually faster, and if there's a reasonable organic option, it is used.


Always ask consumers for food allergies in advance and be careful with the allergenic ingredients. It is better to avoid the most common just in case.

Lemon Chocolates

Chocolates made of fresh lemon curd

A luscious centre made of fresh lemon curd, cream cheese and white chocolate, enclosed in a crisp, dark chocolate shell.

A lot of people think this sounds a bit weird at first, but on trying it many of them become addicts. People described it as the marriage of sweetness and bite, the lovechild of chocolate and cheesecake… if that helps.

Chocolate Mango Sticks

Slices of soft dried mango dipped in dark chocolate

Thin slices of soft dried mango dipped in dark chocolate.

Sometimes eating dried mango can be a bit like chewing on an unyielding lump of tractor tyre… these mango sticks are a rather different experience. It's used a succulent soft dried mango which is sliced into thin ribbons before individually hand dipping them in chocolate… the result is a delicate and sensual delight.

Milk Chocolate Truffles

Truffle with milk chocolate and cream

A truffle centre made of milk chocolate and fresh cream, encased in more milk chocolate.

Simple and simply delicious.

Dark Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffle with chili and coconut

A rich dark centre with a hint of chilli and coconut, all enclosed in a dark chocolate shell.

Great texture, very chocolatey and just when you think it’s all over there’s an extra little thrill at the back of your mouth.

White Chocolate Truffle

Truffles with white chocolate and cream

A truffle centre of white chocolate and fresh cream, flecked with extra dark chocolate, and then covered and rolled in more white chocolate.

These are probably the sweetest of all other chocolates… a consequence of being made mainly of white chocolate. The flecks of extra dark chocolate make it something rather special… and it’s got a lovely texture.

Light Praline Chocolates

Chocolates with praline centre

A light praline centre made of almonds and white chocolate, in a milk chocolate shell.

If you like your chocolate at the milkier end of the spectrum, this one’s probably for you. It’s light and easy and very pleasing… so much so that even some hard–line dark chocolate lovers have been surprised at how much they like it.

Part of the joy of the praline sticks is their shape and the way you bite into them. However, this does mean that they’re a bit fragile, and might occasionally break in transit. They can be made more robust, but then they’re not quite as sexy.

Dark Praline Chocolate

Praline of dark chocolate and almonds

A praline of dark chocolate and almonds covered in more dark chocolate.

Nutty, dark and errrr… stick like. Really pleasing to eat not only for their taste but for the whole eating experience.

Ginger Chocolates

Ginger and dark chocolate candies

A centre of dark chocolate and fresh root ginger encapsulated in more dark chocolate.

If you like ginger and dark chocolate you’ll love these. They’re rich and fiery. (although the amount of fieriness depends on the batch of ginger, something it can’t be controlled)… These are made as flat discs so they snap as you bite into them… yum.