Bespoke Tins, Chocolate and Cake

As well as there are usual tins of chocolates, it also can be made things especially to order… from beautiful wedding favours to bonkers chocolate sculptural edifices.

Here the bespoke work is categorised into 3 sections:

Bespoke Tins of Scrumptious Chocolates

These are perfect for wedding or party favours, but also great for a whole range of social events or business settings.

Bespoke tins are filled with fresh chocolates made and packed especially for you. They are ideal for wedding and party favours but also for a whole range of other events and situations including thanking clients or promoting your business.

The contents, though memorable, can disappear pretty fast. However, people do tend to keep the tins long after the chocolates have gone, so they become a great reminder and keepsake over the months and years to come.

Usually the tins come in 3 sizes:


  • 14cm x 10cm x 2.8cm high
  • holding up to 270g
  • Pretty substantial and great as gifts and for saying thank you.


  • 9.5cm x 6cm x 2cm high
  • holding 20-25g
  • This tin looks great, especially when it’s snugly filled. It gives a generous chocolate hit, but can slip neatly into a pocket or handbag with no trouble at all.


  • 6cm x 4.5cm x 1.5cm high
  • holding up to 270g
  • This hold a couple of chocolates and is seriously cute.

How you would like them made

Bespoke filled chocolates can be in their usual ‘oblong’ shape or can be mould in heart shapes (perfect for weddings). They can be finished with different chocolate designs or flourishes. If you want your chocolates to be completely unique they can also be individually shaped by hand.

How would you like them wrapped and presented

It can be wrapped some or all of your chocolates from a selection of coloured foils. And can also be filled around your chocolates with fabric or tissue of your choice.

Information leaflet

Each tin can have a small legend or information leaflet describing each chocolate, but the front page can also mention your occasion (or organisation details)… eg.

Embossed tins with a personalised message

The tins look great, and can be kept as a fantastic long term reminder of you or your special event.

Bespoke Chocolate

It’s possible to make all sorts of things. The main limitations are imagination, skill, engineering prowess, physics, time, persistence and courage! Chocolatiers’re challenged in most of these areas, but they’re often up for giving it a go.

Once something is made, the other issue is transportation. Either in terms of how best to package things up (i.e. packaging that is fit for purpose and not an ecological disaster!) and then how to ship your bespoke chocolate to you safely.

Filled chocolates

wrapped handmade chocolates

These days the chocolatiers use moulds to shape most of the chocolates, but they can form and decorate each individual chocolate by hand. Like all other handmade chocolates, they’re delicious, but they also have that really special hand made quality that’s difficult to put into words, but delightful to put in your mouth.

The chocolatiers started off forming all of their chocolates entirely by hand… but it’s a much more time consuming process. Hand shaped chocolates also vary slightly in size and shape, so they’re trickier to pack, and they’re also more delicate.

However, if you’re looking for something with that very particular handmade quality, every chef would be delighted to oblige.

Shapes and Forms

All manner of ridiculous things are possible.

However, a popular request is some sort of chocolate receptacle which is then filled with chocolates… so you get to eat the chocs, and their container. These are great for being on the table after a meal at weddings and parties.

In the summer it could even made to you a chocolate bowl of chocolate dipped fresh cherries…

Bespoke Chocolate Cake

Homе-made chocolate cake

This is a bit of a mystery. The chocolatiers usually are not really bakers, but they do seem to make rather fantastic chocolate cake.

Generally, there’re four layers of cake with 3 layers of filling between them. The fillings are usually:

Lemon (home–made lemon curd with cream cheese and white chocolate) and either fresh whipped cream (but it needs to be eaten soon) or a ganache made out of white, milk or dark chocolate and cream (for a longer shelf–life).

The cake is then covered with more chocolate ganache and festooned with chocolate ornamentation of one sort or another.